apergo is in equal parts a research lab and consulting company tackling the most fundamental questions in machine learning all the while creating continuous value for its clients.

Clients Include

Jörg Frohberg

Jörg is an experienced project manager and consult for SMEs and large organization with a strong track record running large scale projects.

Additionally he co-founded several startups raising over 6 million euros. On top he contributed to leading edge of machine learning research in projects with HuggingFace and Google.

Dr. Luise Frohberg

Luise is a transformative leader pioneering the fusion of AI, spatial computing, and gaming to empower women in tech. Dedicated to creating digital safe spaces for women to grow and lead. Former political leader and women’s rights activist.

Serial entrepreneur, published author, and innovation expert. PhD in Sociology. Co-founder of Mindful Innovation. Passionate about driving gender equality and social innovation.

Meet the team

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Wilson O'Connell

Founder, CEO

Clark Streich

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Shannon Tillman

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Fernando Feil

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Carole Moore

Finance Manager

Eddie Greenfelder

Senior Developer

Rosalie Wolf

Senior Designer

Vernon Schamberger

Support Manager

Flora Kohler

Marketing Assistent