Our Mission:
the AI Leadership

At Apergo, we’re not just part of the conversation; we’re leading it. By uniting cutting-edge AI innovators with world-class leaders, we’re navigating the transformative wave of change together. Our mission is to create a space for dialogue— sometimes pioneering, always necessary— while actively developing prototypes and tools that explore AI’s role in reshaping leadership and organizational dynamics. We’re committed to understanding AI’s impact and potential to revolutionize leadership, ensuring our strategies are inclusive, effective, and forward-thinking.

The Leadership Sandbox

Developing your leadership skills is hard. Trying to do so without practicing is even harder. Who would play a basket ball game without practicing beforehand? Right. No one.

Up to know practicing was limited to 1-on-1 work with coaches or seminar formats & expensive and time and location bound. The leadership sandbox breaks down those limits. If offers you leadership practice anywhere anytime.

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Our Research

Our research focusses on the intersection of machine learning, cognitive science, leadership, philosophy of mind and studies on organizational change and improvement. With partners such as InfAI (University of Leipzig) or Lancaster University we aim to deepen our understanding of

  • How machine learning models work?
  • How these models can be utilized within organizations?
  • And how these models affect the structure of work and leadership as such?
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getting causal counterfactuals right

CRASS is the first project of apergo.ai. It’s aim is to create the decisive step to make causal and counterfactual reasoning of neural networks testable and have clear standards on how to judge counterfactual reasoning in AI in general.

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Our Latest Insights

Explore the forefront of AI and leadership through our blog posts diving deep in the different aspect of machine learning, human understanding, leadership and organizational change.

Join the Conversation, Shape the Future

Apergo is where revolutionary ideas on AI, management, and leadership converge. Through our X- Spaces events, we engage with the brightest minds to distill the essence of AI’s revolutionary impact on organizational leadership. Success lies in community and collaboration, reflecting on how AI can enhance our collective human experience within organizations.

Whether you’re a leader adapting to AI’s rapid advancements, an innovator crafting AI solutions for organizations, a voice in the field of leadership and management in the AI era, or simply passionate about the future of AI and leadership, we want to connect with you.